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La Camosciara distance 3 Km

In the heart of Abruzzo National Park (now including also districts in Lazio and Molise) La Camosciara (from : chamois) is a true “jewel of nature”, an evocative area where you can spend unique moments by yourself, or with your friends and family. Along the path leading to it, with some luck, it is possible to sight some wild animals, such as: deer, roe deer, chamois, foxes, birds of prey, wolves and bears.

Fondillo Valley distance 7 Km

The Fondillo Valley is of course one of the most beautiful naturalistic corner in the Abruzzo- Lazio and Molise National Park, rich in water springs, woods, in natural rarities and with relaxing and lush glades. Its ancient name was Fontilli, from fonti (spring); as a matter of fact along the valley there are beside the five main springs a lot of smaller ones, that with their wonderful water feed the Fondillo river waters.

Scanno distance 40 Km

Scanno is an important winter as well as summer holiday resort and is part of the Club Borghi più belli d'Italia (most beautiful villages of Italy). Not far from the homonymous lake, mostly located in the municipality of Villalago, it is possible to reach the ski facilities of Passo Godi and Monte Rotondo, the uplands of monte Greco and the Pantaniello lake, as well as the nature reserve of the Sagittario Gorges.